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Out of Continues Ep 65: Next Gen Consoles   Leave a comment

This week Ali and newcomer Trevor are on the show with me.  After the interview questions for Trevor, we talk about Plants vs Zombies, Final Fantasy 9, and DmC Devil May Cry.  After that, our main discussion is on the next generation of consoles.  Followed up are news articles the dad of the year, THQ […]

Out of Continues Ep 53: Year 2012 pt 1   Leave a comment

This episode, Ali joins me again.  We talk about Gravity Rush and Dishonored.  Ali then discusses his thoughts on this year in video games.  After that, we have lots of news including: City of Heroes, Killer Instinct, Journey, and VGA news.  Make sure you also check out the game of the year poll here. -Sayed […]

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