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Out of Continues Ep 75: Can PC Gaming Save PCs?   Leave a comment

I’m joined by Jay as we talk about Guild Wars 2 and Don’t Starve. Then our main topic is on whether PC gaming can save PCs. After that, news on Game Dev Tycon, Batman, Madden and Wii U, and Silent Enemy. Also make sure to check out Return of Aetheria. -Sayed Stafa Podcast: Play in […]

Out of Continues Ep 61: Non Linear Games   Leave a comment

I’m with Ali this week as we talk about Far Cry 3 and Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed.  Then our main topic is on non-linear games and game elements.  After that, news on Playstation, Crytek USA & Vigil, Warren Spector, Video games and violence, and Gabe Newell on Apple.  We then wrap up the […]

Out of Continues Ep 50: Gaming in Culture   Leave a comment

This week I have Peter and regular to the show, Ali.  We talk about World of Warcraft, Pid, and Assassin’s Creed 3.  Then we have a discussion on gaming in culture.  After that, news on Source 2, Windows 8, 10 year XBL, Epic on next gen production costs, Metacritic, and Gabe Newell.  Next we have […]

Out of Continues Ep 34: Evolution of Controllers   Leave a comment

Back from London, I’m joined with Phosphor to talk about the games he’s been playing.  Followed up, we begin a series of discussions on the innovation and evolution of games, this week’s topic will be controllers and input devices.  After that, we have a few news articles as well as listener feedback.  Make sure to […]

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