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Out of Continues Ep 54: Year 2012 pt 2   Leave a comment

This week, I’m joined by two members of Fugworld, Ryan and Matthew.  We talk about Orcs Must Die 2, Limbo, and Binary Domain.  We discuss thoughts on 2012 and then news topics on Bill Nye, Cliff Blizsinski, Mass Effect, and more!  Make sure you also check out the game of the year poll here. -Sayed […]

Out of Continues Ep 53: Year 2012 pt 1   Leave a comment

This episode, Ali joins me again.  We talk about Gravity Rush and Dishonored.  Ali then discusses his thoughts on this year in video games.  After that, we have lots of news including: City of Heroes, Killer Instinct, Journey, and VGA news.  Make sure you also check out the game of the year poll here. -Sayed […]

Out of Continues Ep 52: Game Reviews Pt 2   Leave a comment

This week, Ali joins me.  We talk about LittleBigPlanet Karting, and then our main topic is on game reviews being obsolete after launch.  We then have news topics on some kickstarts, Humble Bundle, Windows Blue, Museum of Modern Art, and Timesplitters.  Make sure you also check out the game of the year poll here. -Sayed […]

Out of Continues Ep 51: Post Launch Support   Leave a comment

This episode I’m joined again by Multimedia Jay and Kevin!  We talk about the games we’ve been playing: Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Legend of Grimrock.  Then we have a discussion on games recieving post-launch support.  Followed up is news on the Wii U.  We then finish off the show with lots […]

Out of Continues Ep 30: Ads in Games   Leave a comment

This week’s episode, Fug World admin and regular contributor to Out of Continues, Aexler, joins me.  We talk about the games we have been playing recently.  Then a discussion on advertising in games.  We follow that up with some news segments on Source Movie Maker, Sega closing offices down, and Glass Lab. -Sayed Stafa Podcast: […]

Out of Continues Ep 14: Artificial Intelligence   Leave a comment

On this episode, I’m joined with fellow Fug Community Admin, Black the Bloody.  We talk about the games we’ve been recently playing.  Then a discussion on Artificial Intelligence in games, followed by a brief news piece on MGS 5.  I announce the winners of the Rochard Giveaway, and have another announcement regarding it.  Listen in […]

Out of Continues Ep 11: Declining Quality and Rising Towers   1 comment

Fug World community admin, Spleenball Pro, and myself start off this episode by talking about the games we’ve been playing recently.  Next we have a debate over whether the quality of games have been going down over the years, followed by a discussion on tower defense games.  We then answer questions that have been emailed […]

Out of Continues Ep 10: Rewarding of RPGs   2 comments

On Episode 10 of Out of Continues, we start the new year off with Fug World community admin, Paint Can.  We talk about the games we’ve been playing, have a discussion on role-playing games, and a discussion on rewarding players and customers.  We follow that up by reading questions and feedback from the listeners, and […]

Out of Continues Ep 8: End of Year Thoughts   Leave a comment

On this End of Year special, I invite a few of my old guests back, as well as a couple of listeners as well to share their thoughts on 2011.  They talk about what stood out to them in the year, their favorite games, some disappointments in the year, as well as 2012 predictions.  Everyone […]

Out of Continues Ep 3: The Dreamcast   Leave a comment

On this episode of Out of Continues, I’m joined with guest host and fellow Fug World Member, Aexler, in the first live-podcast, recorded over Fug World’s TeamSpeak server.  We talk about what we’ve been playing, an in depth discussion on the Dreamcast and our top 5 games for the console, then we take listener feedback […]

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