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Out of Continues Ep 71: Always Online   Leave a comment

I’m joined by Ali and Kevin.  We talk about Red Dead Redemption, Zelda 64 3D, and DLC Quest.  Our main topic is on always online DRM.  After that, news on StarCraft 2, Transistor, LucasArts, Jet Li, and League of Legends.  Also make sure to check out Return of Aetheria. -Sayed Stafa Podcast: Play in new […]

Out of Continues Ep 48: Aesthetics of Play   Leave a comment

This week, I’m joined by Ali.  We talk about The Unfinished Swan, Frobisher Says! and Sleeping Dogs.  Next, we have a discussion inspired by an episode of Extra Credits, about genres being defined by the aesthetics of play.  Followed up is news on Russian Piracy, Portal 2: Designed for Danger, Cliff Bleszinski and Resident Evil […]

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