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Out of Continues Ep 54: Year 2012 pt 2   Leave a comment

This week, I’m joined by two members of Fugworld, Ryan and Matthew.  We talk about Orcs Must Die 2, Limbo, and Binary Domain.  We discuss thoughts on 2012 and then news topics on Bill Nye, Cliff Blizsinski, Mass Effect, and more!  Make sure you also check out the game of the year poll here. -Sayed […]

Out of Continues Ep 48: Aesthetics of Play   Leave a comment

This week, I’m joined by Ali.  We talk about The Unfinished Swan, Frobisher Says! and Sleeping Dogs.  Next, we have a discussion inspired by an episode of Extra Credits, about genres being defined by the aesthetics of play.  Followed up is news on Russian Piracy, Portal 2: Designed for Danger, Cliff Bleszinski and Resident Evil […]

Out of Continues Ep 44: Q4 2012 Releases   Leave a comment

This week, I have Blake guest host on the show.  We talk about Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den and Resident Evil 6.  Then the main topic is on the Q4 2012 game releases.  Followed up are news topics on Overstrike/Fuse, Steam selling software, and Cliff Bleszinski leaving Epic Games.  I’m also giving away 2 copies of […]

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