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Out of Continues Ep 63: Games Maturing?   Leave a comment

This week Ali and Kevin join me as we talk about Spec Ops: The Line, Closure, and Saints Row the Third.  Our main topic is on whether the game industry needs to mature.  After that, news on Tribes Ascend, Aliens: Colonial Marines, System Shock 2, new Batman game, Gas Powered Games, and then predictions on […]

Out of Continues Ep 62: Challenge vs Difficulty   Leave a comment

This week Ali joins me again and I talk about Antichamber with him.  After that, our main discussion is game challenge vs difficulty.  We cover news topics on the DICE awards, racism in Borderlands 2, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, tax on M-rated games, and Rayman Legends. -Sayed Stafa Podcast: Play in new window | Download […]

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