The Host

Stafa is a full-time student studying Media Arts and Science at the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI in pursuit to becoming a game designer. Currently the only permanent host of Out of Continues podcasts.

Regular Contributors

Ali is Stafa’s younger brother. He’s an aspiring game developer and an enthusiast of hardware and technology.

Adam is an old friend of Stafa.  He’s helped get Out of Continues up and running. He’s currently the Community Manager for Out of Continues and runs the social media channels.

Anthony writes for the website whenever he gets a chance. He is a regular member and admin of the Fug World community.  He’s a university student studying computer science.

Other Guest Hosts

The current format of the show includes a rotation of guest hosts that join Stafa on each episode. Guests hosts include personal friends of Stafa, people he’s played with online, listeners of the show, or even special guests from Youtube or other sites.  This is to keep the show fresh with a different perspective each episode.

The Podcasts

Out of Continues

Out of Continues is a weekly podcast, posted up every Monday. At Out of Continues, we share our personal perspective, thoughts, opinions, and experiences with videogames. We talk about video game related topics from a serious stand point, as well as try to have fun at the same time. The first Out of Continues episode was originally published September 16, 2010 and www.outofcontinues.com was started on October 14, 2010.

Review Score System

Five Star

Here we believe that there is no such thing as a “perfect game”.  So a full five out of five-star rated game does not mean it’s perfect.  Instead, we believe a 5 out of 5 star game means it has few shortcomings, and if a person is into that type of game or the genre that the game belongs to, then we feel that person should definitely check out this game and will most likely enjoy it.

Four Star

A four-star game is still considered a good game, still worth checking out and anyone who is into the genre that the game belongs in, will most likely have fun with this game.  But a four-star game has at least one noticeable shortcoming that prevent this game from reach its potential.

Three Star

This is the middle of the road.  Games that have just as many pros as it does cons get this rating.  These games might be worth checking out if you have the patience to look beyond the flaws of the game, and it still could be a fun game, but definitely not considered a good game.

Two Star

It has more flaws than it has good aspects to it.  Possibly, we can see some good ideas hidden in these games, but it might be held down by poor execution or plagued with glitches.

One Star

Terrible, don’t even bother with games that receive this rating.  Not worth your time.

Posted October 7, 2011 by sayedstafa

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