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This episode I’m joined again by Multimedia Jay and Kevin!  We talk about the games we’ve been playing: Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Legend of Grimrock.  Then we have a discussion on games recieving post-launch support.  Followed up is news on the Wii U.  We then finish off the show with lots of listener feedback and an announcement.

-Sayed Stafa

Intro Music by Nathan Becker

Wizards & Warriors ‘CheDDer’

01:20 What have we been playing
20:11 Post Launch Support for Games
47:00 Wii U’s E Shop and indie developers
54:23 Wii U Requires credit card verification
1:00:31 Listener Feedback
1:29:17 Announcements

Show Notes



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