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This week I’m having another 3 person podcast with Chris and Kaylee.  After I give them the rapid fire interview questions, we talk about Borderlands 2, Dungeon Defenders, and Double Dragon Neon.  After that, our main discussion is on games being a product or service.  We then have some news topics and wrap up the show with announcements.

-Sayed Stafa


Intro Music by Nathan Becker

Outro Music
Phantasy Star Universe ‘Hogosha’

Show Notes

1:45 Interview Questions
12:29 What have you been playing?
28:50 Videogames a product or service?
52:10 Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal multiplayer
42:20 Obsidian and bad publisher offers
57:42 Ninja Gaiden Z
59:38 Gamemaker promising to be 2d Unity Engine
1:02:30 Announcements

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