Out of Continues Ep 42: Games a Product or Service?

This week I’m having another 3 person podcast with Chris and Kaylee.  After I give them the rapid fire interview questions, we talk about Borderlands 2, Dungeon Defenders, and Double Dragon Neon.  After that, our main discussion is on games being a product or service.  We then have some news topics and wrap up the show with announcements.

Sayed Stafa


Intro Music by Nathan Becker

Outro Music
Phantasy Star Universe ‘Hogosha’

Show Notes

1:45 Interview Questions
12:29 What have you been playing?
28:50 Videogames a product or service?
52:10 Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal multiplayer
42:20 Obsidian and bad publisher offers
57:42 Ninja Gaiden Z
59:38 Gamemaker promising to be 2d Unity Engine
1:02:30 Announcements

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