Out of Continues Ep 28: Will Nintendo Survive Next Gen?

On this episode, Traithan comes back onto the show.  We talk about the games we’ve been playing.  Next, we answer if we think Nintendo will survive next generation.  After that, we cover a couple of news topics and read listener feedback.

-Sayed Stafa

Intro Music
Hell March to the Apocalypse Remix by Prince of Darkness

Outro Music
Super Mario Bros. 3 ‘Lose-Your-Way Maze’

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6 Responses to Out of Continues Ep 28: Will Nintendo Survive Next Gen?

  1. tanto says:

    doubt nintendo and get burned……..nintendo will always be fine

    The controller is amazing, so stop hating on it

    The n64 had games for everyone?



    no consoles?

    Are you kidding me?

    Theyve been 1 or 2 in consoles every gen

    If anything sony or microsoft should go third party

    the “gimmicky” controller as you call it is amazing

    your both morons

    doubt nintendo and get burned



    • sayedstafa says:

      Half of your message didn’t make any sense. We never talked about the n64 on the podcast. I don’t recall bashing on any controller or calling a controller gimmicky except for the joke I made about the vitality sensor. Though, I did say 3D graphics are still a gimmick. It’s fine that you don’t respect my opinion, but at least leave a comment that’s understandable.

      • tanto says:

        your opinion isnt worth the respect if after each of there systems being number 1 or 2 in profit all 10+ of them, your dooming them

  2. tanto says:

    sega was never 1. Not ever

    Stop using the lame dreamcast comparison

    the least powerful systems always sell the most

    your agreeing withme

    • sayedstafa says:

      What’s wrong with the dreamcast comparison? It was a system that was released in between generations. Slightly more powerful than the current gen but wasn’t as powerful as the next gen. You on the other hand, are wrong. The least powerful system has not always been the best selling, you are incorrect. And nintendo wasn’t always in the lead as far as consoles. The Gamecube was out sold by the original Xbox.

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