Kickstarters That Matter, Vol. 2

Since our last update, we’ve seen some worthwhile projects become successful over at Kickstarter. Adventure gaming has seen what will hopefully become the start of a full revival. This past week we’ve seen both Tex Murphy, and Space Quest see successful revival projects funded. Old school RPG’s get their due as well, with Malevolence. It seems Kickstarter is shaping up to be the place to be to send the message that we want some of out “dead” genres back.

This week, we’ve got some space pirates and epic sword-fighting


Sword fighting in games is a lost art. We’ve got plenty of Medieval themed games with swords, and axes, and a whole host of other weapons, sure. At bets, these games are usually hack and slash with little thought to the actual swordplay. Neal Stephenson (author of the Mongoliad) aims to change that. He’s working on a game that aims to recreate sword combat as realistically as possible. Now, try not to be scared, but this means it’s time for another goofy controller. I mean that as a term of endearment, I have quite a collection of peripherals that served their role for one game only to collect dust. The developer is working with a team of master swordsmen and motion capture technology to try to really capture the feel of a sword battle.

At the moment, the initial plan is for the game to be mulitplayer only, and it will only feature the European longsword. However, Neal and company are also busy crafting a new world, in which a single player experience may be set in the future. Also, the finished product will include tools that should allow modders or other developers to add new weapons or even design their own games.

Like what you hear? Check it out. Also, enjoy the cameo appearance of everyone’s favorite Half Life developer.




So. Do you remember Starlancer? Wing Commander? Of course you do. And if you don’t, you should do check them out, space is awesome. Skyjacker is shades of those titles and so much more.

Written by Eugene Zhukov (author of the “Abyss Lights” series) it’s a massive, open-ended free-roaming space adventure. Therein, you can control and customize your ship. You play a lone human abducted into a world of monstrous space pirates. It’s up to you to take on any mission you choose, and try to earn the money and respect needed to climb to the top of this mercenary world. Losing a mission won’t end your game, but it will hurt your reputation.

You want big space battles? This is the game for you. Oh, did I mention you get to be a space pirate?There’s a playable demo available, a list of link to which can be found here. Please bear in mind, the demo is a early version of an unfinished product.


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