Out of Continues Ep 6: The Alpha Cheater Preordered for Beta

On this episode, I’m joined by the show sponsor, Santa Claus 420.   We discuss the games we’ve been recently been playing, then have a discussion on cheating in retro, modern, single player, and multiplayer games.  We move on to discuss Alpha and Beta games.  Then we close with listener feedback and contest winners from last episode’s giveaway.

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-Sayed Stafa

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Hell March to the Apocalypse Remix by Prince of Darkness

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ‘Trippin on Ecstacy’ by PxFury

Episode run-time: 55:28

How to join us on Friday December 2, 2011 at 5pm EST (2pm PST):

Install TeamSpeak 3
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Run TeamSpeak 3 Client
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Then enter the Out of Continues channel!  Make sure to bring questions you would like us to answer during the show!

Email from Ryushikaze:

“I don’t think it’s new, it’s just regaining traction after we’ve been locked into more rigid genres for a little while. Secret of Mana, for example, was an awesome Adventure RPG back in the day.
Action- Real time movement and attacks. Even if your attacks are given in real time, if they aren’t executed that way, it’s not quite action. FF13 would not be an action game despite battles happening in real time due to loading a turn out ahead of time.
Platformer- Vertical Movement. Offensive capabilities will generally be limited or related to jumping.
Puzzle- Puzzles make up a primary aspect of gameplay, on the level of being a primary mechanic. Having puzzles in a dungeon wouldn’t be enough to make a game a puzzle game.
Adventure- Lots of world to explore, the ability to backtrack.
RPG- The hardest to define. Either a focus on lots of story, improvement of abilities and unlocking new abilities over time as a result of battling, or both. Can even apply in scenarios without XP.
Shooter- Guns, from a 1st or 3rd perspective.
Something like Day of the Tentacle, for example, a ‘Point and Click adventure’ is a ‘puzzle adventure’ game, since solving contrived scenarios is the main thrust of gameplay, and there’s a nonlinear exploration aspect to the entire game.
Essentially, find the core of your game, and append adjectives til it fits, and understand that none of the genres are rigid constraints or absolute definitions. Portal is a Platformer Shooter Puzzler, but we all just call it an FPS puzzle game.”

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